What We Offer


• Athlete photography
• Team photography
• Team photos
• Portraits
• Event documentary

Add-On Options

• Comprehensive event documentary

• Social media in real time

• Website and promotional materials

• Action and highlights portfolio

• Sponsors, fans, awards, clinics and training, staff and volunteers

• Individual stories

Business Models

• Pre Order – registration (biggest discount and highest gross revenue share)

• Pre Order – email one week before event (lesser discount on packages and net revenue share)

• Onsite – packages at regular prices (tiered net revenue scale)

• Post event sales – images at normal prices

• Sponsored free download – Team photos

Sponsored Team Photo

• Sponsor and Event logo overlay

• Tracking data – downloads, page hits, social media posts and likes

• Flat fee / per participant / per team

Needs From Event

• Full access to event

• Exclusive photo company

• Logistics – # teams, # participants, # fields, rosters

• Event website visibility

• Marketing – email blasts

• Participant and Team Email list

• Booth in tent village

• Accommodations

Participant Gallery

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Participant email notification

• Personalized gallery

• One click to online gallery

• Direct posting to social media

• Download option

• Print and images sales