Enduro Photo is the sports photography division of CBMTcreative, a premier photography and media company founded in 2010 by Micah Tapman and Chris Bernacchi. A passion for photography underlies every aspect of the company. As avid sports fans and athletes, Micah and Chris are naturally drawn to photographing athletic achievement from triathlons to road races to lacrosse to hockey. In 2014 the CBMTcreative team acquired a long-time partner, Enduro Photo and it’s founder, Rick Kent.

Rick and the Enduro team bring a wealth of experience working in the endurance racing and sporting industry, and round out the CBMTcreative team with a strong presence in Texas as well as long-standing relationships with XTERRA and the Tejas Trails organizations.

When not photographing sports, the Enduro Photo team is focused on doing sports including kayaking trips, mountain biking, and hiking. We hope you stay in touch on our Facebook page or via the website contact form.